Save money on your plane ticket

Hey everybody, welcome back to my travel blog! I am sure that everyone here has had to buy a plane ticket at some point in their life, correct? If you have, you probably wondered how in the world you can skim some money off the ticket to use on the better parts of your trip. I found myself really asking this question last summer when I had almost a dozen flights over the 4 month period. Here is a short list of some tips I found helped save me money on my flight.


Fly from a different Airport

Depending on where you are flying from, choices for an airport can either be extremely limited or quite ample. If you have more than one airport near you, it is always a good idea to price check between the two. Sometimes you can even get a flight from one airport to the next and then on to your destination instead of a single ticket and it ends up saving you money.


Bring your own food

If you are going to be on a long enough flight you will usually be provided with a meal service (however terrible it may be) but snacks are always sold at a premium. There is no law that says you can’t bring your own food with you as long as it isn’t a liquid or a gel. You can bring a bunch of snacks from the airport or a grocery store, or even bring some pre-cooked meals.


Wear the extra luggage

Luggage fees are getting ridiculous. To combat this, really the only thing you can do is keep stuff out of you luggage. This usually means wearing your heaviest and biggest clothing, but some people have taken it to the extreme. You can now buy specially made luggage clothes to carry more stuff on your person, and less in the suitcase.


These are just some tips I have on saving money while flying. Let me know if you have others to add for next time, or if I made a mistake. Have a great one everybody!


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