Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! I am Cassandra, and this is my travel blog 2parklane. I chose the name as that was the address of the first house I ever stayed in while using AirBnB to travel. So yes, I am a young traveler. That means that I have a plethora of apps on my phone to help get me a better deal on my room, flight, train or whatever I need to purchase so that I can continue on my journey. I have apps to show me the local hotspots when I am in a different country, and even apps to help me communicate with people. Travelling today is so easy!
Follow me on this around the world journey where we will discover new lands, new flavours and scents, and new ways to save money on the way. I am in the middle of a fairly big journey right now, so I may not be updating this to often but I hope to get one here at least once a month with an update for you all. Hope that I will be back here again soon!